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Here's what teachers are saying about The Test Camp!

I passed the first time. Thank you so much!

Donna L.

After receiving a “NOT PASS” six times on the FTCE Professional Education Test, I discovered one of my weaknesses was test taking skills. I went on You Tube and discovered The Test Camp.

Vic M.


After completing the course, I now fully understand what I am doing.

Annette P.

What I really love about your system is that to
move on to the next level you must achieve a certain score.

Donna L.

I went on You Tube and discovered The Test Camp.
I followed their study plan and strategies, especially “IDEAS” and “IRS."

Vic M.

Good job and I would recommend your course to anyone who is serious about passing their Professional Ed Exam on the first attempt.

Annette P.


The TTC score needed to move from one skills to the next was well above the percentage needed to ace my test.

Donna L.

Upon completion of the course, I took my exam and PASSED. The workshops, quizzes and tests model each competency covered on the exam perfectly.

Vic M.   

I was done with my exam within an hour because I was trained to be conscious of time. 

Annette P.

As they say at The Test Camp: “Make your mark...with confidence.” THANK YOU! 

Vic M.

The methods you provided are very useful also. Again, thank you and keep up the good job.

Annette P.

Your system increases the speed at which you can answer a question by gradually increasing the number of answer options. It's ingenious.

Donna L.


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I am here at The Test Camp to promote your first-attempt test success.

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