FAQs - My Resources

My Resources

What is My Resources?

This campsite area provides pathways
to the most current and effective resources.

Where can I find My Resources?

A sign leading campers to My Resources
can be found in every Campsite Home.

Which resources are the best?

Your campsite counselors have reviewed many
resources and listed only those recommended.
Choose guides and sites that you prefer.


What is the value of My Resources?

Successful campers report that using the suggested
promotes confidence and saves time & money.

When do I use My Resources?

Successful campers report that using resources
is most effective after completing each Workshop.

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Who do I ask about My Resources?

Consult your Campsite Counselor
if you have any questions about study resources.

How much time & money is required?

Most resources listed are under $20. Many are free.
You decide which resources fit your personal study plan.

What if I find a resource not listed?

Have you used an effective resource not listed?
Would you like to share it with other campers?
If so, find the pathway to SHARE MY RESOURCE.