Frequently Answered Questions

My Activities

Who has admission to My Activities?

Registered Campers. My Activities is the area
where campers work out through activities.

Where can I find My Activities?

A sign leading campers to My Activities
can be found in every Campsite Home.

What are the Activity Guides?

Every activity is accompanied by a video guide.
Viewing the guides provides instructions.
The duration of every guide is posted.

What is My Activities?

A set of eight unique test skills activities begins
with My Test and ends with a set of model tests.

Why use all of My Activities?

Successful campers report that working out
in all activities promotes test confidence.

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When do I start My Activities?

Successful campers recommend starting
My Activities
 after viewing the Workshops.

How long is each of My Activities?

Successful campers report that 2-3 hours
is required to
complete each activity.

Do I have to complete every activity?

No. You can go through activities in any order.
However, your guarantee requires successful
completion of the activities.