Frequently Answered Questions

My Progress

Who has admission to My Progress?

Registered Campers. My Progress is the area
with both a Progress Report and LogBook.

Where can I find My Progress?

A sign leading campers to My Progress
can be found in every Campsite Home.

What is My Progress Report?

Best scores are recorded in this assessment tool.
Scores can be improved during the course.

What is My Progress?

Campers have admission to a series of tools
designed to track their program success.

Why would I use My Progress?

Successful campers report that using
assessment tools
promotes test confidence.


When do I use My Progress?

Successful campers report monitoring
My Progress
throughout their training programs.

Who has access to My Progress?

Only you and your campsite administrators
have access to My Progress Report and My LogBook.

What is My LogBook?

Your attempt to complete an activity,
at every level,
is recorded for you in My LogBook.