FAQs - Navigation


Where is the pathway to start my program?

After registration you will receive an email message.
Follow the instructions or go directly to My TEST CAMP.
Then, select My Campsites.

Where can I find the online workshops?

Select the START HERE pathway
at every campsite.

What if an exercise doesn't activate?

You might refresh the area on your device.
Try again. If the exercise is still inactive, please contact
the Camp Office and move on until you receive our reply.

Can I skip to different campsites?

Yes. You can explore or workout
at any campsite.

Why is there no FINISH EXERCISE button?

Successful campers report that using the entire allotted time
is a skill that promotes confidence when taking your test.

01 all-campsites

How can I get assistance if I get lost?

Find the pathway to My Counselor at each Campsite Home.
Or, Leave a Message for them at the Camp Office.

What is the activity, My Test?

Every workshop includes this free activity.
You can assess your knowledge about your test.

What if I find an error or closed pathway?

"Report A Bug" or contact the Camp Office.
Your effort will enhance the
experience for the next set of campers