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Frequently Answered Questions


Who gets admission to TTC Campsites?

Students (Grades 6-12) and Teachers (PK-12)
work on their test skills in these training sites.

Where can I find a list of the Campsites?

Here's a shortcut to the STUDENTS list.
Here's a shortcut to the TEACHERS list.

How much is Campsite admission?

STUDENTS passes start at $5, TEACHERS at $15.
There are also Group Registration discounts.

What is a TTC Campsite?

Campsites are the online home areas
for test-skills information & training.

Why would I consider Campsite admission?

Successful completion of your online training earns
you test skills confidence and a guarantee of success.


When can I purchase a Campsite pass?

Passes are available On-Demand.
Here is a shortcut to the PASSES area.

How long does it take to complete training?

Most successful test campers report that it can
take up to 20-25 hours to train for each subject area.

Can our group order Campsites passes?

Yes. STUDENTS and TEACHERS are purchasing a
MasterPass and
receiving discounts and bonus features.