FAQs - Frequently Answered Questions - Workshops


Who can attend the TTC Workshops?

Everyone. All that's needed is a Visitors Pass.

Where can I find an online workshop?

Go to MY TEST CAMP then My Campsites.
There is a workshop at every campsite.

What is the activity, My Test?

Every workshop includes this free activity.
You can assess your knowledge about each test.

What is a TTC Workshop?

Workshops are test information sessions.
Each session is based on a specific test.

Why is every online workshop free?

TTC is committed to Our MIssion.
There is no admission fee for workshops.

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When are online workshops available?

Online workshops are available On-Demand.
You can watch any online workshop any time.

How long is each workshop?

Most workshops are generally 25-30 minutes.
There are also several discussion breaks.

Can I schedule a workshop for my group?

Yes. Here's a shortcut to the Events area.
REQUEST an Event and hear back soon!