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Frequently Answered Questions


Who can attend the TTC Workshops?

Anyone can participate in our workshops.
Get your free Visitors Pass today.

Where can I find an online workshop?

There is a workshop at every campsite.
That's where you will find your workshop!

What is the activity, My Test?

Every workshop includes this free activity.
You can test your knowledge about your test.

What is a TTC Workshop?

Workshops are test information sessions.
Each session is based on a specific test.

Why is every online workshop free?

TTC is committed to Our MIssion.
There is no admission fee for workshops.

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When are online workshops available?

Online workshops are streamed On-Demand.
You can watch any online workshop any time.

How long is each workshop?

Most workshops are generally 25-30 minutes.
The duration is posted next to each video.

Can I schedule a workshop for my group?

Yes. Here's a shortcut to the Events area.
REQUEST an Event and hear back soon!