Frequently Answered Questions

My Study Plan

Who has access to My Study Plan?

Campers. Work with your Campsite Counselor
to create a realistic Plan For Success.

Where can I find My Study Plan?

A pathway to My Study Plan is on every Campsite Home.
Use the suggested timeline to create your personal plan.

What is the Champion Training Schedule?

The commitment to this training is about 20-25 hours.
Successful campers report that 2-3 hours is
required to
complete each activity.

What is My Study Plan?

Based on the success of previous campers,
this is a suggested preparation guideline.

Why would I use My Study Plan?

Successful campers report that creating a plan
promotes commitment to earning test confidence.

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When do I create My Study Plan?

Successful campers report that this activity
is most effective after watching the Workshops.

How long is My Study Plan?

Most plans are about 20 days for each test.
A 90-day plan guides four-test preparation.

How can I monitor My Progress?

Find the pathway My Progress at your Campsite Home.
Track progress by reviewing My Progress Report.
Use My LogBook to revisit your entire journey.