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I passed the first time. Thank you so much!

Donna L.

The workshops, quizzes and tests model each competency covered on the exam perfectly.

Vic M.

After completing the course, I now fully understand what I am doing.

Annette P.

The TTC score needed to move from one skills to the next was well above the percentage needed to ace my test.

Donna L.

I went on YouTube and discovered The Test Camp. I followed their study plan and strategies, especially IDEAS.

Vic M.

I was done with my exam within an hour because I was trained to be conscious of time.

Annette P.

Your system increases the speed you answer a question by gradually increasing the answer options. It's ingenious.

Donna L.

After receiving a “NOT PASS” six times on my test, I discovered one of my weaknesses was test taking skills.

Vic M.

Good job and I would recommend your course to anyone who is serious about passing their test on the first attempt.

Annette P.

What I really love about your system is that to you must achieve a certain score to move to the next level.

Donna L.

As they say at The Test Camp: “Make your mark...with confidence.” THANK YOU! 

Vic M.

The methods you provided are very useful also. Again, thank you and keep up the good job.

Annette P.

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How can you ensure your test success?
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the unique test skill training program, IDEASTM

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Test anxiety is real, especially for underserved students. We are changing that by donating two extra passes with every student campsite registration. One GiftPass can be shared by you. One GiftPass is shared by our dedicated FRIENDS around the country. So far, you've helped 100's of students benefit from test skills training!




With 100’s of activities & exercises, there’s many ways for students to learn & practice test skills at The Test Camp.

Groups of 300 or more can register for a set of passes at highly discounted rates. Your group can get started today.

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