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Frequently Answered Questions


Who can take a TTC PreTest?

Anyone can participate in our pretests.
Get your free Visitors Pass today.

Where can I find the online PreTests?

PreTests are in Activity 1: My Test.
Watch the workshop, then try a PreTest.

What is the cost of a TTC PreTest?

There is no admission fee for Visitors.
Everyone is welcome to test their skills.

What is a TTC PreTest?

PreTests are unique online exercises
that assess content knowledge and test skills.

Why would I consider a PreTest?

PreTests are diagnostic exercises that provide
feedback about your test skills strategies.

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When can I take an online PreTest?

PreTests are available On-Demand.
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How long is each PreTest?

PreTests are generally 10 minutes.
A timer is provided during the exercise.

Can I take more than one PreTest?

Yes. There is a PreTest at every campsite.
You can take each pretest one time.