Test PREP - Social Studies - 3 - Pioneer - (Activity 2) Identify

Social Studies 3

Training is based on these competency areas..

  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Geography
  • Civics

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Testing in the USA

Training Schedule

The commitment to this training is about 15 hours.
Successful campers report that 1-2 hours is required to complete each activity; sometimes less, sometimes more.  You are in charge of your preparation, practice, and performance.

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Having a plan builds confidence and leads to success.  Make an assessment of both your test content knowledge and test performance skills.  Then, make a plan and get Test Confident!


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Working through this activity will enable me to determine 

  • my skill in identifying key concepts and competencies

  • how much, if any, I need to improve this skill and

  • when I am ready to attempt the next activity, Decide.


7 minutes

Earn MY POINTS in the areas marked (+)

Test Prep
Social Studies 1

 0    (100)

Test Prep
Social Studies 2

 0    (200)

Test Prep
Social Studies 3

 0    (300)

Test Prep
Social Studies 4

 0    (400)


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