FTCE - PK-3 - LAR - Explorer - (Activity 2) Identify

Language Arts & Reading

Training is based on these competency areas.

  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Communication
  • Teaching
  • Assessment

Working through every activity is the best way to
Empower Your Test Confidence.
Let's get started!

Training Schedule

Campers report that 1-2 hours of training in each activity is required to gain confidence.
This includes a commitment to review & study.
Here's the suggested training sequence.

Career Workshops

Consider the advice of successful campers.
Watch these workshops and try the activity.
Find the workshops in My Campsites.
Pathways to Teaching
Testing in the USA

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Ask For Assistance

Contact your Counselor if you have any questions or need assistance navigating your training sites.


Test Information
Test Information Guides

Have you used an effective resource not listed in this area?
Would you like for it to be shared here with your colleagues?
If so, Leave a Written Message at the Camp OfficeThanks!

This activity will help me determine
 * how well I identify competencies,
 * areas that need improvement, and
 * readiness for the activity, Decide.


7 minutes

Earn MY POINTS in the areas marked (+)

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