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Terms and Conditions



I understand that

• The Test Camp (TTC) safely stores copies of submitted registration documents,

• all registration information is deleted if the account is inactive for one year,

• after a successful first interview, I can expect to be asked to provide references,

• all registration information is used for the purpose of hiring independent contractors

exclusively for TTC and will not be shared with any other persons or organizations.



I understand that my relationship with this company is “at will.” This means that I am free

to end the relationship at any time and for any reason. It also means that, under the law

of the state of Florida, that this company can end the business relationship at any time and

for any reason that is not illegal under state or federal law. No oral commitments to me

regarding any other business relationship are valid, whether made now or in the future.



I understand that a working relationship with The Test Camp, LLC includes signing an Offer Letter and

these two agreements;

• Independent Contractor Compensation and Responsibilities Agreement

• Confidentiality, Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreement.

These documents are designed to explain the company-contractor relationship.

Included in each document is an explanation of work product ownership and legal considerations that

define how I can successfully contribute information and ideas while protecting company interests.



 I understand that as TTC Builder I will be asked to contribute test items as an independent contractor.

Therefore, I give permission to The Test Camp, LLC to manipulate test items for exercises, activities,

quizzes and tests. However, I retain ownership of each item; I can use them for other projects that

do not interfere or compete with the goals of this company.



I understand that I will be compensated $10.00 for each test item approved by the Curriculum Director or designee.

Compensation can be generated as described below.

Stage 1: 2 test items submitted by email for approval by Curriculum Director and/or designee

Stage 2: 10 test items per competency submitted via online dashboard generates 1st payment

(for example, 10 test items x 5 competencies = $500)

Stage 3: 20 additional items per competency submitted via online dashboard generates 2nd payment

(for example, 20 test items x 5 competencies = $1000)

Stage 4: Additional test items as agreed to in advance, in writing, by the Curriculum Director


Last Edited on 2017-07-01

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