How We Started

How We Started

From the Beginning

The Test Camp is a project I envisioned in 1994 while a graduate student at the University of Florida. I worked in a university-wide program designed to support students' academic success. Some were student-athletes engaged in fundamental athletic skill-building exercises. Since this technique was familiar to them, I thought it might easily translate to academic skill-building. It did.

Along with Steven Davis, and with the leadership of Dr. Winifred Cooke, colleagues and I created a unique Student Success course. We include a research-based unit that included test-skills training. Students monitored their skill-building progress and became empowered to "win" on tests. Testing success improved and the concept spread through the learning community.

Both Steven ('00) and I ('96) went on to earn doctorates from the UF College of Education and pursued careers in teacher education. Of course, students in our charge also faced tests. So, it was logical that they too would benefit from test-skills training. They applied their skills in our classes and also to achieve first-attempt success on their professional certification exams. Further, those students who became teachers report that they teach these strategies to their students.

Thank you for supporting Our Mission. We invite you to learn more about our project and Join Our Team.

W. Scott Wise, Founder