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Frequently Answered Questions

The Test Camp News

What is The Test Camp News?

This weekly newsletter is published by our counselors
and delivered weekly to our subscribers by email.

What is the cost for a subscription?

There is no cost for subscribing. Spread the word
to friends and colleagues so that they too can learn
about new campsite openings and promotions. 

Who can receive The Test Camp News?

Anyone. You do not have to be a current camper.
Take this pathway and you will soon
Start Getting the News.

Why would I consider subscribing?

The Test Camp News provides information about
new campsites, special offers, promotions, and more.

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When can I start receiving the newsletter?

The Test Camp News is delivered weekly.
Subscribe and start receiving delivery next week.

Can I discontinue my subscription?

Yes. Look for the pathway to Unsubscribe near
the bottom of the newsletter. Or, come by the
Camp Office and Leave a Written Message.