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Frequently Answered Questions


Who are the Campsite Counselors?

These testing skills experts assist
campers with navigation and resources.

Who is assigned a Campsite Counselor?

Every camper can consult
a counselor if they need assistance.

How do I contact My Counselor?

Come by or call the Camp Office. If the
office is closed, Leave a Written Message
and expect a prompt reply.

Why would I contact My Counselor?

Campsite Counselors can help you can help
create a Study Plan and navigate campsites.

Where can I find My Counselor?

Find the pathway to My Counselor
at each Campsite Home.

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When is My Counselor available?

The Camp Office is open Mondays - Saturdays.
Counselors monitor phone calls and messages.

Can I schedule an online meeting?

Yes. Here's a shortcut to the Camp Office.
Leave a Written Message any time.

Is My Counselor a tutor?

No. However, each counselor maintains the
My Resources area. They can put you on a
pathway to the most reliable study materials.