All through the years we have had to fight for civil liberty, and we know that there are times when the light grows rather dim, and every time that happens democracy is in danger.

Now, largely because of the troubled state of the world as a whole, civil liberties have disappeared in many other countries. (1) It is impossible, of course, to be at war and to keep freedom of the press and freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. (2) They disappear automatically. And so in many countries where ordinarily they were safe, today they are gone. In those countries, even before war came, not only did freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech disappear, but also freedom of religion.

"Civil Liberties" emphasizes the liberty of the individual. In many other countries the importance of the individual has disappeared; the individual lives for the government. Here in a democracy, the government exists for the individual. Therefore, we have to constantly be watching, examining ourselves to be sure that we are preserving the civil liberties for all our people. This is the foundation of our democracy.

And so we know that here in this country, we have a grave responsibility. We are at peace. We have no reason for the fears which govern so many other peoples throughout the world. We have to guard the freedoms of democracy.

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