(1) Transportation is one of our modern life problems, especially when people depend on their own cars. (2) As world population increases, particularly in large industrial cities, the dependence on private cars is likely to become a thing of the past. This essay will discuss the problems of private car transportation and some possible solutions.

The most obvious problem of depending on private car is congestion; the traffic jam. In an older cities it is very hard access downtown areas by car. Old streets, not designed for car traffic are congested with pedestrians and markets. There are few places to park. As a result, movement of people is restricted. Congestion is especially dangerous during an emergency that requires attention to a car accident or transfer of a sick patient by ambulance.

Another alarming effect of private car transportation is pollution. This is especially evident in large urban industrial cities. So, in addition to the traffic congestion, there is also lung congestion and higher rates of lung disease that results from increased exposure to carbon dioxide.

Working together, government and individuals can overcome the transportation challenges. However, both must play a role to solve this issue. In the long term, government can plan cities to accommodate some car traffic. In the short term, they can support construction of pedestrian and mass transit routes. This will encourage more people to abandon their dependence on private cars.

What is the relationship between highlighted sentences?