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PreTest Score Report
Your report includes an overall score. Choose the  VIEW RESULTS  button.

About Quizzes
Your PreTest Score Report introduced you to the Problem-Solving System IDEAS, but provided little feedback about current test content knowledge. Campers can assess and organize current knowledge by taking the pathway to My Activities, then Activity 7 - Quizzes.

Quizzes can be used to improve test performance in two (2) ways,

(1) Diagnostic; before IDEAS
Use test results from Quizzes to as a learn what you know; your baseline knowledge. The VIEW RESULTS feature provides feedback on individual test items. More importantly, results also reveal which areas (competencies) to review or study.

(2) Practice; after IDEAS
Quizzes can provide an opportunity to practice your new test skills (IDEAS). When you’re confident on each of the Quizzes, it’s time to perform on Activity 8 – Tests.

Where To Go
VISITORS   Here's the pathway to buy Passes, a menu of training sites here at The Test Camp.
CAMPERS  Here is the pathway to My Campsites, a menu of your registered training sites.

How Can We Help?
Feel to call or come by the Camp Office and Leave a Written Message for our team of campsite counselors.