(Message - Day 05 (About Tests)

Hello again !

TTC PreTests
You were recently introduced to the Problem-Solving System if you attempted a PreTest.
The strategies (IDEAS) can be applied to both school tests and standardized tests, however, these tests are very different.

School Tests
A common test preparation strategy for school tests is increased exposure to sample questions. Students can benefit from quizzes designed to prepare them for a limited amount of material, usually over a short period of time. School tests, textbook- or teacher-made, are constructed on the content from quizzes. Since the amount of content being assessed is limited, some students find success by remembering just enough test content knowledge. This strategy has severe limits when preparing for larger standardized tests.

Standardized Tests
Professionally-designed standardized tests are very different than school tests. These tests are designed to provide a valid and reliable assessment of competency areas, not test questions. Unlike school tests, professional tests are not an extension of practice questions, quizzes, or tests. Since the amount of content being assessed is much larger, success is a result of knowledge, and just as important, test skills training put into action.

TTC Activities
The idea is to work at a pace that allows you to gain confidence using each skill. 
Be sure to watch each Activity Guide. There is no requirement to PASS every Exercise. However, the goal is to reach the Advanced Levels; 7, 8, 9. You have three (3) attempts at each level. If you don't earn a PASS on your first three attempts, you can simply move on to the next level.

You are allowed up to three attempts on each exercise. If you experience difficulty, it's likely a sign that you need to go back and review or study. Then, return to work out.