(Message - Day 04 (TTC Experience)

Hello .

Thank you in advance for helping us maintain a positive experience for you and your fellow campers here at The Test Camp.

If you experience a navigation issue, like a pathway in need of repair,
just let us know. You can Leave a Written Message any time here in the Camp Office. Your attention to detail will enhance the experience of campers coming down the pathway behind you!

Test Items
Here at The Test Camp, there are over 10,000 unique test items. If you find an item that appears to need editing, or is simply confusing, please let us know. Identifying the location of the test item will be helpful for our counselors who will review the item. Please take a screenshot of the item and send it to me by email attachment. Or, describe the test item as specifically as you can.

Expect to be contacted when your message is received and with a response describing how it was resolved.

Thank you again.