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Frequently Answered Questions

My Group

Who has admission to My Group?

Everyone registered for a certain campsite
has admission to the My Group forum.

Where can I find My Group?

Find a pathway to My Group in any
of the Campsite Home areas.

What are the My Group discussion topics?

Examples of My Group topics include site navigation, study resources, and past experiences taking tests.


What is My Group?

My Group is an online forum for all campers
currently registered for the same campsite.

Why would I join My Group?

Successful campers report that joining discussions promotes confidence in completing your program.

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When do I use My Group?

You can contribute your questions, ideas, and suggestions any time!

How long am I a member of My Group?

Admission to each group begins and ends
with the registration period; usually 90-days.

Do I have to contribute to My Group?

No. However, you are welcome to listen in on the questions, ideas, and suggestion during your stay at your group campsite.