Irrelevant Sentence
(1) I made honor roll every quarter this year, so my mom is going to buy me a new phone for my birthday.  (2) I can't decide whether I want to get an iPhone or a Galaxy.  (3) The iPhone has a larger smaller screen than the Galaxy. (4) They are both really cool phones, and they cost about the same, but they are also different in a lot of ways. (5) The Galaxy has a bigger screen, but the iPhone connects with my iTunes account.  (6) All of my music is already uploaded to iTunes, so all I have to do is sync my phone and then I can listen to all of my music.  (7) If I got the Galaxy, I could use Google Play to upload my old songs and buy new ones. (8) I’m not allowed to use my phone at school during class. (9) I'm not sure which one I'm going to get but I'm excited about it either way.  (10) I can’t wait to tell my friends.