Compare TTC Passes

Compare TTC Passes

Choose your Pathway to Success


Gauge Your Knowledge

Attempt a 40-minute PreTest to determine
how well you know an individual subject area.
Your report includes scores for each competency.

Quizzes & Tests

Find Your Direction

Take quizzes & tests, based on competencies,
which are different on each of your attempts.
Determine the areas you might review or study.
Only practicing questions does not lead to success.


Perform & Pass


Maybe you don't need the Champion 90-day program, or you just need a bit of extra time to prepare for your tests.
Join self-paced courses that include test-skills training, unlimited quizzes & tests, and online assistance.


90 days provides the opportunity for you
to learn & practice IDEAS; essential test-skills.
Pass your Course ... Pass your Test ... Guaranteed.

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